It is my honor to be the Principal for VET Manandi Composite PU College.

In short time I have been here, it has become abundantly obvious that VET group is a learning centre that cultivates students academically, socially, emotionally and has a strong student- institution partnership, paramount for an excellent learning environment.

The year 2020 -2021 has seen a paradigm shift in the thought process and life style of individual. An entire academic year was spent online fulfilling academic and extracurricular activities. We learnt to accommodate ourselves through the digital mode.

We sought an opportunity in every challenge to move forward in spite of pandemic perturbation, we tried to find happiness, ignite our curiosity and continue our journey of exploring different ways to solve our problem.

It is a privilege to welcome you all to embrace the new system of education!

Let us fight the pandemic together and keep learning on progression.

Roopashree R