I still remember two years back when I joined VET after my tenth I was nervous ,exited and scared. In this college I have seen great teaching and non teaching staff who are very supportive, caring and guiding .The liberty and the freedom that they gave us was excellent. They want us not only to study but to excel everywhere including Co- Curricular activities. I have scored very well and I am very thankful to the Management of VET. It is a very good place to study well and become successful.

Supreetha S
Student- II MSBA

My experience in VET Manandi Composite PU College has honestly been one of the best times of my life. When I first joined here, I thought it would be a daunting task to fit in. However, the support that I received from the college was incredible. The faculty are welcoming, supportive and encouraging. They make learning so much more enjoyable by conducting fun activities, seminars and workshops regularly. In addition, they also give students a great platform to display their skills and hidden talent. Overall, a student is guaranteed to have a joyous and refreshing experience in this Institution.

Harshitha S
Student-II SEBA

VET Manandi Composite PU College is the best college to acquire education and joy equally. The massive experience that I had in this college was fabulous and memorable. The college supports students and encourages them not only in studies but also in co-curricular activities. All the facilities available in this college are perfect for a student to grab knowledge which is Essential to improve oneself. I specially want to thank Diector mam,Principal Mam, my Lecturers and all lovely friends for supporting and encouraging me to achieve my dreams.

Student-II CEBA

I am glad that I chose VET PU College. I have been there for nearly two years and it’s been such an amazing experience. I would recommend everyone to join VET. Our college provides a safe ,professional and friendly learning environment. Lecturers at VET are committed, prepared,enthusiastic and skilled. Their willingness and ability to employ effective teaching methods and incorporating various learning technologies are always unique which enhances student learning.There were many cultural events like Spectrum week ,Umang along with sports events.We were even taken for Industrial visits.The Management at VET provides overall facilities.All this was possible for us because of our Management,Director Madam,Principal Madam and Lectures support,They always guide and motivate us to participate in every event and provide the resources required. It has been a great experience for me to study at VET Manandi Composite PU College and I feel proud to be called a student of this college.

Husna Banu
Student-II SEBA

VET Manandi Composite PU College is the best way for an enjoyable way of learning.During my two years of study in this college,I found my self to be a lucky girl because I had opportunity to sharpen my mind.It is one of the colleges providing lots of facilities as well as knowledge to the students.My journey in this college is really incredible.It not only imparts knowledge but also instills life skills in us to make us socially responsible citizens.The teachers here are very friendly.In this competitive and expensive era the objective of VET to impart quality education at affordable cost is really praise worthy.Thank you to Prinicipal mam,teachers and office staff.

Preethy H
Student-II SEBA

Studying in this college has been my greatest experience so far.It has one of the finest and highly qualified faculty with many years of experience, perfect method of lecturing and perfectly formated notes.Topics are explained in easiest way possible in order to reach every student. Equal importance is given to cultural and literary events as well as sports and out door games.Wide range of workshops and carrier guidance programmes are also conducted. Well equipped and spacious labs gives sufficient space and time to get good practical knowledge.There is a calm and quite library with wide range of text books and books on current affairs.The dedicated Management and our Principal have given us high quality and comfortable study environment providing us opportunities in every field with every possible facility and support.Teachers are always been there for us ,helping us,understanding us and supporting us.

Fida Fathima
Student-II PCMC

The entire experience in VET Manandi Composite PU College has been absolutely wonderful.Students and faculty are truly like a family. We have excellent lecturers who explain concepts and techniques in a professional and comprehensive way.We are not just expected to do our learning in the classes but also we got a chance one day weekly to spend one or two hours in the library for reading ,studying or completing assignments.We got a lot of chances to reinvent ourselves again and again by many inspirational and enjoyable activities and cultural programmes. My experience in this college was just amazing and inspiring.

Sufiya Annum
Student-II HEBA

I learnt many things in my college days. We use to have competitions and no matter whether we win or not, teachers use to tell us the participation is very important. Towards the end of the academic year extra classes were conducted and students were trained to score good marks in all the subjects. At the time of result, the efforts of both students and teachers paid off. I am very much thankful to my college authorities for giving me such memorable and unforgettable days in my life.

Chaithra M.P
Student-II CEBA

The faculty of VET Manandi Composite PU College were supportive and helpful throughout my daughter’s two years of study. Equal importance is given to extracurricular activities along with academics, which is an exceptional quality of this institution as it reduces stress among students. I thank all the staff members for guiding her and helping her to achieve her true potential.


V.E.T. P.U. College offers a good learning environment using a right blend of academic and co-curricular activities. The College has a dedicated team of inspiring teachers and good infrastructure. The College strives to mould the students academically and socially so as to transform them into excellent citizens.

Vasantha Karunakaran
Lecturer, English Dept.

I am proud to be a student of V.E.T.College. The teachers here are very friendly and they taught us with dedication and patience. Every student is taken care of and prepared well to face the exams without fear. Also, they encourage us to participate in various cultural activities.

Bharath Raj

V.E.T. P.U College is the best place for an enjoyable way of learning. The College has been helping and guiding us to perform well in academic subjects and various activities. Workshops, seminars and cultural programmes are conducted regularly to instil important values in us. We have got a great platform to showcase and enhance our skills and hidden talents.

Student—II HEBA