The auditorium serves as a hoot for various academic and cultural events of the college, thus encouraging creativity and fostering communication. The college has a spacious closed auditorium, with best in place sound system and good amount of ventilation. It is frequently used for seminars, talks and lectures by external and internal experts.

Lecture Halls


Lecture halls are spacious room used for conducting theory classes and giving instruction to students. Capacity of lecture halls varies from 25 to 100 students accommodation. Halls are well ventilated with natural air circulation and lighting. Students are provided with 2 seats desks with storage capacity. Lecture hall with platform and podium having green boards and white board combination for using chalk and marker. Every lecture hall has fans and tube lights

Seminar Hall

Seminar halls are used to arrange conferences, seminars, workshops and trai programs. Hall can be arranged for a minimum group of 10 persons to a maximum group of 150 students in theatre style in the Seminar hall or the activity hall. Overhead slide projector & 16 mm screen, Basic audio- video, a podium and white board with markers.



The library of the college is a storehouse of knowledge, which consists of well stacked books, journals, newspapers, etc. The college proudly has over 4500 books, 5 newspapers in various languages to enhance the intellectual capital of the students. Library timings:– 8.30am – 4.00pm. The institutions of Vasavi Educational Trust have excellent library facility with reference books, text books, periodicals and magazines. Care must be taken to return the books on the specified date and their proper use without damage. Library is an important cornerstone of healthy community which is unique and is a valuable resource.